The Mind Sports Olympiad Tie-Break System to be used:

A tie-break is a situation where two or more players (pairs or teams) have the same score and are in a position to win a medal or title. The MSO tie-break rules apply.
All tie-breaks will be agreed in the office with the Chief Arbiter or a director, neither of whom will be involved as a participant in the particular event.

The rules below will be applied for two player games:
1. Head to Head results between the players involved. This will only apply if one player has beaten all others in the tie-break, or one player has lost to all others in the tie break.
2. Points spread from all rounds, ignoring the players best result.
3. Sonneborn-Berger.
Please note that none of these steps are reapplied. (e.g. – if one player is eliminated in head to head, then rather than reapplying head to head, the remaining tiebreak is decided by point spread and then Sonneborn-Berger.) After step 3, unseparated players will share medals.

The rules below will be applied for multi-player games:
1. The board played on in the final round (i.e. A player from the top board is placed ahead of anyone on a lower board, if they have the same tournament points)
2. Result in the final round
3. Victory Points scored in all rounds/points percentage (of winner) in all rounds
4. Most Wins (followed by most seconds etc.)
5. Head to head
6. Buchholz (removing top and bottom 2 opponents)

For the Pentamind, the tie-break will be the next Pentamind score (i.e. the 6th best result) will be used as a tiebreak; the secondary tiebreak will be the 7th best Pentamind score; the third tiebreak will be use the 8th best scores.