Go 9×9

Date(s) - 21/08/2017
2:15 pm - 6:00 pm




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Swiss pairings over 4 rounds with a 20 minute time control.
The origins of the game are obscure, but Go players frequently refer to their game being 4,000 years old. The game was invented in China, but its spiritual home has long been Japan, where it supports a corps of professional players, teacher and commentators. It is also extremely popular in Korea.
The game starts with an empty board and each player in turn places stone on a vacant point with the object of enclosing territory (Unoccupied points). A secondary aim is to surround and capture the opponent’s stones. The game looks deceptively simple but is as profound as any game ever invented – one slip can result in irretrievable collapse. Expert play, to the tutored eye, has an elegance rarely found in other games.


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