Great start to the 2017 Mind Sports Olympiad–many more events to go!

This year’s Mind Sports Olympiad runs from August 20 to 28. There’s something for all ages from a free learn to play room to competitions ranging from DominoesCarcassoneTicket to RideBackgammon and Chess to Speed Reading, a Quiz for teams of two, and the Creative Thinking World Championship. There are medals for adults and juniors and everyone is welcome!
[Settlers of Catan featured 55 competitors from over a dozen countries]
The 2017 Mind Sports Olympiad kicked off on August 20 at JW3 with one of the strongest fields ever. The Scrabble event featured world number 2 David Eldar who placed fourth while grand master Austin Shin took gold with a perfect score of 7 wins out of 7 rounds followed by Craig Solomons and Sandie Simonis each with 5 wins out of 7 games. Settlers of Catan featured 55 players with Ricardo Gomes taking gold followed by David Van-Cauter and Martin Hobemagi.
World Number 2 David Eldar makes a move
[World number 2 David Eldar makes a move in the Scrabble competition]
Othello was won by Paul Smith with a perfect score of 5 wins out of 5 games, and Dominion was won by Mike Dixon. Meanwhile, Go 19×19 was won by Gong Cheng, and the Stratego Duel World Championship was won by Ricardo Guecci.
[Ricardo Guecci (left) won the Stratego Duel World Championship {playing against Spain’s Victor Espinoza}]
The Chess blitz championship was won by England’s Amit Ghasi with a perfect score of 9 out of 9, followed by Russian Grandmaster Alexander Cherniaev, and Austria’s Philipp Orgler. The Texas Hold’em Poker championship was won by former Pentamind World Champion James Heppell. The Memory Marathon competition was won by Katie Kermodefollowed by Lars Christiansen and Marlo Knight.
The Pentamind World Championship will be awarded on August 28th to the player with the best five results. For live Pentamind updates visit:
There are still many events ahead this week and there’s something for all ages from a learn to play room to competitions ranging from  MonopolyDominoesCarcassoneTicket to RideBackgammon and Chess to Speed Reading, a Quiz for teams of two, and the Creative Thinking World Championship. For more info or to register visit:
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Free Learn-to-Play Room

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Everyday from 10am to 10pm during this year’s Mind Sports Olympiad (August 23 to 31 excluding Aug 29), we will have a dedicated Learn-to-Play room where anyone can come and both learn and play new games. We’ve got games for all ages and levels. Best of all: it’s FREE and anyone can drop by anytime. Our dedicated MSO staff will explain the rules and we look forward to sharing our passion for board games.